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Flat Stanley. 

Abernyte has been playing host briefly to a visitor from Sabal Point Elementary School in Lakewood, Florida, USA. Flat Stanley is the hero from a story who as part of his adventures travels the world and sends back information and postcards of where he has been to the children at his school.

This Flat Stanley was sent off by Ethan from Sabal Point Elementary School in Lakewood, Florida which is 4143 miles from us and an eleven and a half hours airplane flight.




He has been doing a spot of sightseeing around our village and was particularly taken with Kinnaird Castle which he thought a touch cold and draughty for a lad from Florida.








Ethan and his class will now be able to learn more about Abernyte from our website.

The Mary Young Memorial Lecture in March will be given by Professor Rob Duck and is entitled “From Fife to the Carse: Why the Tay Railway Bridge was

not built at Mugdrum Island”

Professor Duck, Professor of Environment Geoscience, Dean of the School of the Environment, is a knowledgeable, and enthusiastic speaker, who has done extensive research on the Tay Estuary.

The lecture incorporates historical aspects of climatic change, the writings and prophecies of Patrick Matthew and the recent discovery of a manuscript by Robert Stevenson and Son which had been commissioned by Perth Town Council in 1845.

The lecture will take place at Abernyte School on Thursday 20th March at 7.30pm.


All welcome!

The proposal by Banks Renewables to erect 6 large wind turbines at Bandirran near to Balbeggie is known to have been submitted to Perth and Kinross Council.  It is believed to be still pending approval of all the required processes before it is formally accepted and public comments are invited.

Banks Renewables have made a large amount of information on the proposal available on their website here.

The Bandirran Planning Statement which outlines Banks Renewables current full explanation for the development is shown below.  (It runs to 45 pages and may take a while to load on slower connections). If your mobile device does not support showing the pdf you can click here to download it.

There are a great many more documents and images involved in the application which will be available on the Perth and Kinross planning website once the application is formally accepted. We will bring you that link once it is available.


William Ross, a farm servant from Abernyte, spent 22 years training to become a missionary, before departing in 1840 for Central South Africa on the same boat as David Livingstone. From his new home in Africa  he established churches, schools and hospitals which his  descendants  have continued  to support  and expand over the years.  William Ross remained in Africa for the rest of his life. 
173 years later on 17th June 2013, his great great great great grandson, Kim Ross, came from South Africa to Abernyte  to be married to Mariska van Scheltinga .    Originally there were to be  25  guests,  85  arrived on the Big Day!   At the request of the bride and groom, Holy Communion was celebrated within the marriage ceremony.  
God’s timeless presence  pervaded  our  ancient  church as we shared  His  Love,  Peace and Blessings with Christians linked by bonds throughout the years.                   


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