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The 2017 Abernyte Festival was held on Saturday the 10th September 2017 and saw the residents and friends of Abernyte come together in a wonderful event, organised by the Abernyte Community Interest Company and held in the Abernyte Playing Field. The sun shone and we were treated to stalls with books and plants for sale along with wonderful jams and chutneys made from local produce. There was competitions for an array of superb flowers and vegetables grown locally along with children's competitions which also produced some outstanding entries. The local Young Farmers ran a novel balloon filled tractor competition.

The full list of prize winners:

Children's Competition

Tallest Sunflower  Claire McGoldrick Funniest Fruit or veg Ellen Lacoux
 Special Prize  Charlie White    
   Lucy Lacoux    
Drawing of Flowers Charlie White Posy of flowers Maya King

Adult Competition

3 Onions Gordon Nicoll 6 Potatoes Bryan Harrison
Salad Items Marianne White 3 Squash Gordon Nicoll
Posy of Herbs Elizabeth Harrison 6 Sweet peas Norma Nicoll
3 Dahlias Norma Nicoll Cottage garden flowers Elizabeth Harrison
10 Soft Fruit Bryan Harrison 4 Stone Fruit Kate Hole
Humerous Veg Liz White Best in Show Gordon Nicoll

Live music was provided by local musicians and refreshments by the Abernyte Brewery.  Congratulations are due to all involved in the staging and running of the event which made £1688 to be used for projects in Abernyte and a donation to Medecine Sans Frontiers.

Attention all residents in Abernyte.


The attention of all residents in Abernyte is sought, especially those with gardens which front the Nyte and Abernyte Burns.  A small patch of the highly invasive and destructive non-native plant, Japanese Knotweed has been discovered at Milton Farm.

How to identify Japanese-knotweed

japanese knotweed

Investigation shows that it is present at both sides of the Abernyte Burn leading back upstream toward Southfield, but may just as easily be present on the Nyte Burn too.  This is not a plant that you wish to allow to grow unhindered.


It is the landowners responsibility to ensure it is not allowed to spread and Scottish Government legislation is clear that landowners must not attempt to remove it by cutting, strimming or mowing and it should only be tackled by an approved range of Glyphosate herbicides.  The herbicides cannot be sprayed if the plant is growing beside water, without approval from SEPA,  and another application method must be used.

Under no conditions should digging it out be attempted without SEPA approval and bio-hazard controls must be applied to any soil or roots disturbed.

Michael Sands at Milton Farm on telephone 686366 is happy to advise on control and will assist in approved herbicide control methods if you contact him.

More information on the control of Japanese Knotweed can be found here:

2017 Abernyte Festival Exhibitor’s ticket

Category _______________________________

Age if under 14 years ________

Judge’s comments











Name    __________________________

Address __________________________

Tel          _____________________


Abernyte Festival 9th September 2017.

Vegetable Show – rules for entry

All entries must be accompanied by an entry class ticket available by email from either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phoning 686312 or printed off from here.


Please send your entry to Liz White by the 1st of September to be eligible for entry on the day of the show.

Names on entry class tickets will be concealed during judging.

All entries must be exhibitor’s home grown produce.

All plates used in entries should be plain white paper plates.

All entries and fees must be received by 12noon on Saturday 9th September

50 p per entry for adults- children enter free.

The decision of the judge is final!!


Competition Categories

Children’s categories (under  8 years or under 14 years of age)

. Tallest sunflower

  Submit a photo showing sunflower with tape measure

. Funniest fruit / veg

  Submit a piece of fruit or vegetable and adorn with accessories if wanted. Name your entry.

. A4 drawing or painting of flower or flowers

. A4 art work using plant material

. Posy of home grown flowers

  Submit a small posy of flowers from your own garden and present in a jam jar.


Adult categories

. 1 plate of either 3 carrots, 3 onions, 3 garlic or 3 leeks

. 1 plate of six  potatoes of uniform size

. 1  plate showing 1 bunch of tomatoes on the vine

. A selection of salad crop items on a plate eg lettuce, cucumber, radish, tomato

. 3 squash of uniform size and shape eg courgettes, patty squash, pumpkin

. Posy of herbs in a vase

. 6 sweet peas of uniform length in vase or container

. 3 dahlia flowersin vase or container

. Cottage garden arrangement of flowers in vase or container

. A plate of 10 soft fruit eg rasps, strawberries

. A plate of 4 stoned fruit eg plum, apple, damson

. A humorous vegetable character


This is a selection of events or items of interest that occured in Abernyte in August in past years.  It is gleaned from the Abernyte Digitial Archive -

Public Roup of the Towns and Lands of Lochton, Pitkindie and Ballairdie 1776-08-03 240 years ago  
Abernyte Heritors and Parochial Board 1850-08-15 166 years ago  
Abernyte Farm Worker Injured in Fall from Milk Cart 1857-08-04 159 years ago  
First Highlands Games in Abernyte 1867-08-14 149 years ago  
Sudden Death of Lord De Mauley 1896-08-25 120 years ago  
The Evangel in Gowrie 1911-08-31 105 years ago  
Pitmiddle Man appears in Sheriff Court 1913-08-22 103 years ago  
Abernyte Doctor, Dr Marion Elizabeth Wilson, Dies in France 1917-08-09 99 years ago

Hearty congratulation are due to Stephen Havranek, who owns the local sawmill James Carr and sons in the Knapp, for his achievement in winning the European Indoor Archery championship in the barebow recurve category at Castellon in Spain.

His win was enhanced by posting a score higher than the current world title holders score with 840 from a possible 900.  A remarkable performance of its self but more so as Stephen only took up archery in 2012.

Well done that man!


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