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Twinning Association


Inchture Area Twinning Association was formed 22 years ago.  A group of people from the Inchture area went to Fléac to witness the signing of a charter in which we agreed to foster friendship and encourage visits between our communities.

Since that weekend many friendships have flourished, and last year, Duncan Mure from Inchture married Emmanuelle Neau from Fléac.

In June this year a group of primary school children from Fléac and their teachers came to experience a week in Inchture and Abernyte Primary schools.  A big thank you to everyone who hosted the French children, their parents and teachers.

The Twinning Committee welcomed them all at a Barbeque in Abernyte.  One night we ran a very animated “Haggis drive” at Inchture Primary School to encourage bilingual language and numeracy skills.

It was a hilarious, noisy and competitive evening as we rolled the dice and learnt the French names for the Haggis’ body, head, legs and feelers!

Over the years we have welcomed a student/young person from Fléac to live in this area and improve their language skills by living with Twinning committee families and gaining local work experience at Inchture Hotel.

This year our ‘stagiaire’ is Emma Dumergue, the granddaughter of the former mayor of Fléac, M. Jean Dumergue.  Some of us will remember our visits to his distillery where he produces the local delicacy, ‘Pineau de Charente’ – wine fortified with cognac. 

While he was mayor, M. Dumergue helped to set up Twinning partnerships, the first between Fléac and Marktbreit in Bavaria, and later with Inchture Area. He has always been keen to support our links, and revive the Auld Alliance with Scotland.

Next year, Fléac and Marktbreit will celebrate 30 years of Twinning…  and we’re invited!

Families in Fléac will give us free accommodation. It should be a brilliant weekend. We’ll hold a planning meeting after Christmas, but please tell us as soon as possible, this year, so we can let the French have an idea how many host families they’ll need to find.

The celebration weekend is from Thursday 25th August to Monday 29th August 2016.  Put these dates into your diary and let the Twinning Committee know if you’d like to come.

More details in the Spring