Off Canvas

The Inchture Area Twinning Association is in its 21st year and still going strong! Future events include two exciting trips detailed below.

As most of you are aware, the five villages of Abernyte, Ballindean, Inchture, Kinnaird, and Rait  are twinned with a big village/community called Fléac in the Charente region of France, not far from Cognac.

Exchange visits are great fun and we have been invited to Fléac in 2015 – possibly in October.

This is a great opportunity to participate in an organised visit and we receive excellent hospitality in the homes of our hosts and share their culture and cuisine for a few days.

Our recent “Déjeuner sur l’herbe”/ picnic lunch held in Abernyte in June, was blessed with sunny weather and we had a good turnout of friends. We also welcomed some new families, and it was good to see people who had recently moved into the area coming to find out more about us and our aims.

After the AGM, a splendid lunch was served and enjoyed by all. French music played, chat ensued and everyone remarked how much they had enjoyed themselves.

Another facet of Twinning, is to promote friendships between school pupils from both areas. Next year in June, a group of primary school children from the local school in Fléac will be visiting our hosting Abernyte and Inchture schools.

This is a wonderful chance for children to practise their French and English and many lasting friendships are forged between pupils and also parents!

At present the committee is host to Pierre André, a young French student from Linars, a village on the outskirts of Fléac. Pierre is here for four weeks and is working part time at the Inchture Hotel. He is here to experience working and living in Scotland and to improve his English skills.

Pierre’s sister, Marielle was here two years ago and enjoyed her time here so much that she recommended the experience to her brother! Marielle still keeps in touch, telling us of her social life and her studies, and says she remembers her time with us fondly.

Pierre has taken a few moments to tell you first hand of his time here so far.

pierre-andre-linarHello! My name is Pierre ANDRE and I come from France, near Fléac. I am in Scotland because of the Twinning between Fléac and the community of Inchture. I’m really enjoying my stay in this country.....Everywhere is so green! People are very friendly.

During four weeks this summer, different families in the Twinning will take me in their homes. I want to thank them because they give me the chance to visit and to discover their region. The goal of this travel is on one hand to improve my English, and on the other, to work in the Inchture Hotel. So I do this exchange to meet people and learn about Scotland.

My sister, Marielle, came here to stay two years ago and she really enjoyed her stay. Last year one of my friends, Céline, also came to Scotland with the Twinning and she told me to do this travel because, “ It’s very different to France.” 

I agree it's a different way to live. I have now visited the East coast around St.Andrews, Perth and the Inchture Area. My stay isn't finished, so there are still many things to discover. At the moment, I am staying in Kinnaird with Trefor and Jane Woodford at the Pottery. Today she helped me to make some pottery.

I'm really enjoying my stay in Scotland, and I hope more and more young people from Fléac will come and experience life in Scotland.

If you would like to know more about twinning and have a query or are perhaps new to the area please contact any committee member.