Off Canvas

Church Services Inchture & Longforgan Kinnaird & Abernyte

                      9.45 am 11.00 am     9.30 am 11.00 am

November 10 Rev Ann Inglis   Rev Liz Kay
                       Remembrance Sunday

November 17 Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Mrs Viven Buchan
                       Communion at Inchture

November 24 Mr D Caldwell Rev   Dr Marjory MacLean

December 1   Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Rev Allan Watt
                       Night Prayer, Longforgan Church, 7pm
December 8   Rev Liz Kay Rev   Dr Marjory MacLean

December 15 Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Mrs Deborah Stafford
                       Quiet Christmas Service in Longforgan Church 3pm

December 22 Mr J Smith Rev   Dr Marjory MacLean

December 24 6.30 pm Christmas Eve Service in Longforgan Church
             Watchnight Service in Abernyte Church
             Watchnight Service in Inchture Church

December 25 10 am Joint Christmas Day Service at Kinnaird Church

December 29 11 am Joint Service in Abernyte Church

January 5       Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Mrs Vivien Buchan
                       Night Prayer, Longforgan Church, 7pm

January 12     Rev Liz Kay Rev   Dr Marjory MacLean

January 19     Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Mr John Smith

January 25     Rev Martin Scott Rev   Dr Marjory MacLean

February 2     Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Mrs Deborah Stafford
                      Night Prayer at Longforgan Church, 7pm

We affirm the dignity of all people. We welcome into the life of our community of faith people of every age, gender, race, country of origin, ethnic heritage, sexual
orientation, mental or physical abilities or condition, educational, marital or economic status, cultural or religious background.
All are welcome in this place.