Off Canvas

The sun shone brightly upon Abernyte Playing Field for the hugely successful 2018 Abernyte Festival.
The competition results are as follows:

Children’s Competition
Tallest Sunflower      1st Claire McGoldrick 2nd Ellen Lacoux 3rd Angus Kerr
Funniest Veg            1st Ellen Lacoux 2nd Rosie Duncan
Drawing of a Flower 1st Eleanor Campbell 2nd Finlay White 3rd Charlie White



Veg most proud of growing John Barton

Selection of Salad Veg John Barton

Tomatoes on the Vine John Barton

Selection of 3 different veg Gordon Nicoll

3 squash John Barton

6 Sweet Peas Gordon Nicoll

Floral Arrangement for V&A Elizabeth White     Special Prize Bill White

Plate of 10 soft fruit Phil Lacoux 

Plate of 4 stone fruit Gordon Nicoll  

Pot of herbs Claudia Lacoux

Best in Show 2018











Best in Show silver trophy for a Plate of 10 figs Claudia and Phil Lacoux

Hearty congratulations to them on a superb plate of figs!  

Potato Growing Competition

On 18.9.1918, The Dundee Courier had an article, which said: “Mr Greig, Blacksmith, Abernyte, has dug up a potato of the British Queen variety which turns the scale at over 3lbs. (1.36kg). Is this a record?”
Not to be outdone, the residents of Abernyte took part in a competition, which involved growing a single seed potato in a container of their choice. Caithness Potatoes provided the seed of the variety Sunrise, bred by Zella Doig of Old Fargie, Glenfarg.

Highest yield:
1st Ian Duncan 5.8kg
2nd Maya King 4.9kg
3rd Elizabeth White 4.1kg

Heaviest potato:
1st Elizabeth White 556g
2nd Ian Duncan 526g
3rd Maya King 478g

Bonniest potato:
1st Lucy Lacoux
2nd Malcolm MaSwan
3rd Gordon Carr

Wheelbarrow competition
Best decorated: 1st Bea Melrum, 2nd Aiofe Neville, 3rd Finlay Neville
Race: 1st Claire and Lewis McGoldrick (defending champions from last year), 2nd  Bea Meldrum and Carlo Lacoux, 3rd  Finlay and Fergus Neville