Attention all residents in Abernyte.


The attention of all residents in Abernyte is sought, especially those with gardens which front the Nyte and Abernyte Burns.  A small patch of the highly invasive and destructive non-native plant, Japanese Knotweed has been discovered at Milton Farm.

How to identify Japanese-knotweed

japanese knotweed

Investigation shows that it is present at both sides of the Abernyte Burn leading back upstream toward Southfield, but may just as easily be present on the Nyte Burn too.  This is not a plant that you wish to allow to grow unhindered.


It is the landowners responsibility to ensure it is not allowed to spread and Scottish Government legislation is clear that landowners must not attempt to remove it by cutting, strimming or mowing and it should only be tackled by an approved range of Glyphosate herbicides.  The herbicides cannot be sprayed if the plant is growing beside water, without approval from SEPA,  and another application method must be used.

Under no conditions should digging it out be attempted without SEPA approval and bio-hazard controls must be applied to any soil or roots disturbed.

Michael Sands at Milton Farm on telephone 686366 is happy to advise on control and will assist in approved herbicide control methods if you contact him.

More information on the control of Japanese Knotweed can be found here: