Do you value flowery road verges?  Are there good ones you know of that you could pinpoint on the map?  Could you photograph them in full flower? 

Road verge flowers and other plants need our help. 

As we all know, some verges around our local area are covered with flowering plants, ferns and shrubs while others have lost all but a few species of grasses.  The more plant species that there are in the verge, the more valuable it is for wildlife.

Loss of flowering plants is one cause of  decline of bees and butterflies in the wider countryside.  And at the moment roadside cutting in Perthshire is not timed to benefit the plants – so they may be cut down before they have the chance to set seed.

As part of the Braes of the Carse future involvement in the Tay Landscape Partnership “Tay to Braes Wildlife Ways” project, we hope to identify stretches of road verge which would benefit from more sensitive management. 

This is a big task as there are hundreds of miles of roads around the Carse and Braes.  That is why we need the help of as many volunteers as possible.  The project is at an early stage but the first step is to find out what types of road verges need management.  


Send in a photograph and/or the location, for example “the south side of the road between Craigdallie and Ballindean”.

It would be even better if you can include a grid reference e.g. “NO254290”. If you have access to GPS you could use that.

It would be helpful if you could say why you chose your particular sites.

Any information is welcome even if you don’t have photos or grid references.

Send your site position, photograph and/or grid references for selected road verges to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Or leave your information at

· the Cairn O’ Mohr Winery,  or

· Inchture Post Office

Thanks for your help!

Cathy Caudwell