At long last the drystone wall repair on the Millennium Walk is finished.  What was a pile of stones, is now a gracefully curved portion of the wall, giving plenty of space to the tree which knocked it down in the first place with its roots.  Please do visit and admire.  
A time capsule has been built deep into the wall.  The note in the capsule is as follows :
This part of the wall was knocked down as a result of being undermined by the roots of the ash tree next to it.  It was rebuilt in a curve round the tree in Autumn 2012 by Norman Alm, of South Manse and Barry Caudwell, of Abernyte Farm Cottage.  Neil Gray of Kirkside assisted with a particularly large boulder with his fork lift vehicle. Phil and Claudia Lacoux donated some excellent old stone that had been removed from their house during rebuilding at Abernyte Farm.  James Wilson and Paul Gallagher of Gallagher Groundworks provided some more stone to finish off the last few rows on the wall from stone they had by luck just removed in resizing the boundary wall across the road from the school.
This time capsule contains :
(1)  A Rupert the Bear pin - popular children's cartoon character
(2)  A set of coins minted in 2012
(3) A flash memory card for a digital camera
(4) A newspaper front page
Thanks also are due to Michael Sands of Milton Farm and Bill Leith of Rossie Priory who offered advice and more stone if needed.  In the event we had enough, but we may come back to you in future (once our backs have recovered!).
We should also thank those who encouraged us as they walked by, in particular our most regular cheerleaders Jessie, Sue and Heather.