Off Canvas

It has been said often that the essential glue that binds small communities is that of commitment. On Sunday 24th June the friends, neighbours and pupils old and current of Abernyte Primary School gathered to celebrate the outstanding commitment   and service to  Abernyte of Jessie Smith.

For 28 years Jessie has been school dinner lady, cleaner and friend to every pupil who entered the school. A friendship which shaped many fine young people and continued well after they left Abernyte for the world. There is not a corner of the globe where an ex pupil of Abernyte does not fondly recall the constant help and support from Jessie. ( And there are not many corners of the globe in which our wee village is not represented)  She has mended skint knees, bumped heads and fractured playground friendships. She has never missed a school concert. She accompanied the children on trips at home and abroad and where ever they were there was always Jessie.

In appreciation of her service  the community of Abernyte, lead by former pupils, celebrated her retirement as only Abernyte can.

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Oh no they are all her for me!

  Jessie's tree and plaqueLondon 2012's opening won't match this.Lost for words

Oh dear, they are here for me!Thank you Jessie.