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This page is a technology test  of HTML 5 and the running of all audio and video directly in the browser.  HTML 5 is the new forth coming standard for the code by which web pages are made.

At the moment if the website wishes to serve  you images, audio or video in a webpage it has to use software from another source to inject that into the page. HTML 5 now makes it possible for all of those components to run directly in the web page and be processed by your web browser.

This is the new open and free standard for the internet.












There are three samples above. One is a jpeg, one a WebM video and the last an Ogg Vorbis sound file.  If you can see or hear them all, then congratulations. You are using an up to date and modern browser which supports the open and free standards in which the internet was originally conceived and that to which it is returning.

If you cannot,  then it is time to upgrade your browser to a more modern one. The most likely browser to not support these files is MS Internet Explorer below version 9.  Even with an up to date version of Internet Explorer you are likely to need a plugin which is available here  Chrome, Opera and Firefox will give you the best experience, Apple and Microsoft products the worst.

This is just a preview of what is to come and there is no requirement for you to change or adjust your computer software at the moment.