The dates and programme for the remaining session of the Abernyte SWRI are as follows:
12th January 2012 - “As fit as a fiddle” Health & Nutrition – Julia Marsh
Competitions: Individual Fresh Fruit Salad & Bloom of the Month
Hostess: Jessie Smith
9th February 2012 “Grist to the mill” Verdant Works – Mary Archibald
Competitions: Pair of Child’s Mitts (knitted) & Bloom of the Month.
Hostess: Tina Wilson
8th March 2012 - “Criticising is easy, Art is difficult” - Craft Evening with Liz and Nancy.
Competitions: Decorated Wooden spoon is difficult” - Craft Evening with Spoon & Bloom of the Month
Hostess: Margaret Webster
19th April 2012 - “All singing all dancing” - Bagpipes, Backstage & Blethers  – Sandy Macfarlane
Competitions:  Prettiest Mug & Bloom of the Month
Hostess: Liz Wiseman
10th May 2012 - “Put your future in good hands – Your own” – AGM Members Night
Competitions: Rhubarb & Ginger Jam & Bloom of the Month
Abernyte SWRI meet at Abernyte School at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start.
To join Abernyte SWRI, or for more information on any of the evenings, please contact the Secretary, Mrs Irene Barton on 01828 686499
Annual Subscription £15.00
Visitor £3.00