Now that winter has flattened the grass and plants on our parish verges, you may have noticed the cans of Red Bull, soft drinks bottles etc. discarded by Nova boys and White Van Men who have passed through.
So, if you would like to boost your karma by doing your bit for the community this New Year, why not take an old carrier bag, walk down your nearest lane and pick up the litter?  The Abernyte Community Company is able to lend gloves and day-glo waistcoats if you require them; just call Gordon on 686 677
If you then let me know which section of road you have cleaned up, we can let others know so we do not duplicate effort.
Suggested stretches of verge to tidy up:

Suggested stretches of verge to tidy up

Kinnaird to Outfield


East Newton to South Latch


Outfield to Southfield


South Latch to Lochton


Southfield to Abernyte Farm


South Latch to Ballairdie


Abernyte Farm to Milton Farm


Ballairdie to top of Abernyte village


Abernyte bypass and village








School to the Church


Newton Cottage  (Fred & Linda’s Cottage)

to North Lodge (Moira’s Cottage)


Church to Newton Cottage  (Fred & Linda’s Cottage)


North Lodge to Knapp Village


Newton Cottage  to Littleton


Knapp to Old Rossie Lodge


Littleton to Thrawparts Farm


Old Rossie Lodge to the Snabs


So let’s start the New Year with a clean Parish. 
Many hands make light work!