Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Community of Rait are seeking help from adjoining communities in the Braes of the Carse, Rait, Kilspindie, Kinnaird and  Ballindean and hopefully Abernyte.  At present there are no representatives from Abernyte, the Group are very keen for us to join them.
The aim of this group is to monitor new developments and foster the character of these communities i.e.Conservation of our Communities. Come to the meeting to find out more or tel. Fraser Lawrence 01821670324 or mob 07850598802.
The next meeting is THIS THURSDAY, 7.30pm  OCT.1st  at RAIT VILLAGE HALL.
Please try to support this Group.
What may happen to their village may happen to Abernyte one day.
More information is available on www.braesofthecarse.org