Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Reminder to septic tank and small sewage treatment work owners: register for free until 31 May
The following article is from SEPA's website and is a last reminder to all who have septic drainage:

Scotland's environment watchdog is reminding people with septic tanks and small sewage treatment works (STW)1 that the registration fee is being waived until 31 May.

Registration normally attracts a one-off fee of £103, or £76 for an online application, but the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is suspending the fee until the end of May. This means people whose properties have septic tanks or small STW can register for the cost of a phone call, postage stamp or, if they apply online, just £1.

The register of septic tanks and small STW provides SEPA with information about sewage treatment systems in areas of Scotland not connected to main sewer networks. This helps the development of long term strategies for protecting Scotland's environment.

Well managed septic tanks in appropriate conditions provide suitable sewage treatment without damaging the environment. Poorly maintained tanks can, however, cause pollution and significant problems for neighbouring properties and communities.

SEPA's Director of Environmental Protection and Improvement, Colin Bayes, says:

"Waiving the fee during April and May has several advantages. It saves septic tank and small STW owners money and it encourages owners to ensure their system is legally registered, which is an important consideration when it comes to buying and selling properties. It also raises awareness of the importance of looking after septic tanks.

"My plea to everyone whose property has a septic tank or small STW is to register it with us. Registration is a one-off task and there are no future fees to be paid. As long as you look after your tank you may never have to hear from us again!"


A copy of the form required to register your septic tank can be downloaded from www.abernyte.org by clicking here

Update from webmaster. The following is taken from the SEPA website regarding consent for discharge of sewage: Existing discharges previously regulated by a consent issued under the Control of Pollution Act 1974 (CoPA) were deemed to be already authorised under CAR on 1 April 2006. If you hold CoPA consent, you do not need to apply again under CAR. To check if your discharge has CoPA consent, please contact your local SEPA office to request a search of our records.