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Abernyte Church

News and information related to Abernyte Church. The church website can be seen here.

Church Services Inchture & Longforgan Kinnaird & Abernyte

                      9.45 am 11.00 am     9.30 am 11.00 am

November 10 Rev Ann Inglis   Rev Liz Kay
                       Remembrance Sunday

November 17 Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Mrs Viven Buchan
                       Communion at Inchture

November 24 Mr D Caldwell Rev   Dr Marjory MacLean

December 1   Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Rev Allan Watt
                       Night Prayer, Longforgan Church, 7pm
December 8   Rev Liz Kay Rev   Dr Marjory MacLean

December 15 Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Mrs Deborah Stafford
                       Quiet Christmas Service in Longforgan Church 3pm

December 22 Mr J Smith Rev   Dr Marjory MacLean

December 24 6.30 pm Christmas Eve Service in Longforgan Church
             Watchnight Service in Abernyte Church
             Watchnight Service in Inchture Church

December 25 10 am Joint Christmas Day Service at Kinnaird Church

December 29 11 am Joint Service in Abernyte Church

January 5       Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Mrs Vivien Buchan
                       Night Prayer, Longforgan Church, 7pm

January 12     Rev Liz Kay Rev   Dr Marjory MacLean

January 19     Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Mr John Smith

January 25     Rev Martin Scott Rev   Dr Marjory MacLean

February 2     Rev Dr Marjory MacLean   Mrs Deborah Stafford
                      Night Prayer at Longforgan Church, 7pm

We affirm the dignity of all people. We welcome into the life of our community of faith people of every age, gender, race, country of origin, ethnic heritage, sexual
orientation, mental or physical abilities or condition, educational, marital or economic status, cultural or religious background.
All are welcome in this place.


Sunday 4th October            Liz Foubister & Morag Gray


Sunday 1st November      Margaret Oudney & Mairi Hole      


Sunday 6th December     Linda Kehrer & Elaine Carr


Sunday 3rd January         Margaret Carr & Jessie Smith


Sunday 7th February        Trish Neville & Cathy Caldwell          


Sunday 6th March            Jackie Sands & Debbie Corner


Sunday 3rd April               Liz White & Evelyn Havranek          

The latest edition of the Church News is now available as a downloadable file which you can save or read on your computer. It is a pdf file which can be read using Acrobat or similar. These programmes are free to download and are found on most computers. You can open or download the latest church news if you click here.


                                   Abernyte Flower Rota 2014


  January                                         February                                            March

  5th     Mrs A Fleming                  2nd  Mrs J Smith                                     2nd  Ms J McGregor

12th   Mrs N Nicoll                       9th  Mrs F Cumming                              9th  Mrs J McSwan

19th   Mrs E Havranek                 16th  Mrs E McGoldrick                        16th  Mrs C Lacoux

26th  Ms M Mitchell                      23rd  Mrs E Strickland                          23rd  Mrs M Gray

                                                                                                                                30th Mrs T. Neville

 April                                                    May                                                    June

  6th  Mrs M Gordon                       4thMrs E Tosh                                         1st Mrs L Kehrer

13th  Mrs T. Wilson                       11th Mrs M Hole                                     8th Mrs Jackie Sands

20th  Easter                                    18thMrs A Davies                                  15th Mrs K Doig

27th  Ms M. Carr                             25thMrs C Caudwell                             22nd M Corkhill

29th Mrs N Rattray


  July                                                     August                                              September

  6th  Ms P.Stewart                        3rd  Mrs E. Sands                                    7th  Mrs C Havranek

13th Ms R Dickinson                    10th  Mrs S Petrie                                 14th  Mrs J Stewart

20th Mrs Mgt Carr                         17th Mrs H McMahon                          21st  Mrs Janice Sands

27th  Mrs M Oudney                      24th  Mrs E White                                28th  Mrs H Berger

31st  Mrs L Foubister                                                          


 October                                             November                                     December

   5th  Mrs L Carr                         2nd  Mrs D Stafford                               7th  Mrs E Connor

12th  Mrs A Davies                      9th  Mrs M Gray (Remembrance)        14th  Christmas

19th  Mrs T Neville                      16th   Mrs J. MacDonald                       21st  Christmas

26th  Mrs  E.Strickland               23rd  Ms. S Stewart                               28th Christmas

30th  Mrs P Roberts                    3rd January – Decorations down

If you are unable to do the flowers for your Sunday, please try to swap with someone else.


As always, we are very grateful for your help with the flowers in the church.