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Abernyte Houses History Project                                                                      Abernyte Heritage Group


                                                 Questionnaire for interested householders

The Abernyte Heritage Group would like to produce a history of the houses in Abernyte.  One output of this might be a clickable map on the Abernyte website on which you will be able to see the historical information about each house interactively.

A number of people have sent us information about their houses, for which much thanks.  If you would like to take part in this project we would ask you to print out ( click the wee printer icon in the top right corner of this page) and complete the brief questionnaire below and return it to Norman Alm, either by putting it in his mailbox at the entrance to his drive at South Manse (next to the Antique Centre), or by post to Norman Alm, South Manse, Abernyte, Inchture, Perthshire PH14 9SJ, or by email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Feel free to add additional sheets if needed.

1.  What is the name of your house ? 

     Do you know any previous names for the house and approximate dates when the name applied ?



2.   What year did you begin living in the house ?


3.  If you are willing for your names to appear on the map, please give the names of the current occupiers of the house and the years they have lived there.  If  your children have grown up in the house and have now left, please include their names.  This is not meant to be a census, but a record of who has lived in your house.




4.  If you know the names of previous occupiers of your house, please list them with approximate dates if known.







5.  The date the house was built, if known.


6.  Are there any interesting details or anecdotes about the house you would like to share ?













7.  We know that sometimes residents will have lots of  information about the history of local houses in addition to their own.  If you have any such information you can share with us please record that here.








                Thank you for your help with what we think will be a fascinating project.