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12th November 2012.

27 Members and Guests in attendance


Apologies; Christina Khazaka, John McLeod.


Presidents Report

   Anne Davies reviewed the year’s activities and thanked the committee members and the community for their continuing support in what had been a busy and successful year. A copy of her report is attached to these minutes.    


Treasurers Report

    Yve Duncan presented the annual accounts for the Year to 31st October 2011. She explained the various entries and answered a number of questions. The Accounts were unanimously approved by the meeting. A copy of the accounts is attached to these minutes.


Election of Office Bearers

   All of the office bearers were available for re-election and they were re-elected. The President pointed out that there were vacancies on the committee and urged younger residents to come forward at any time.




Oral History.

   As mentioned in the Presidents Report, the 1950-2010 project still needs local photographs of the period.

Scrap Book.

 The community should continue to let Yve Duncan  have any press cuttings and other information concerning Abernyte.



Parish Walk.

 The annual walk is planned to be held on Saturday 20th April 2013. Phil Lacoux will lead and children , but not dogs, will be welcome.


Annual BBQ.

It is planned to continue holding the BBQ on the first Friday of the school Autumn term.




Mary Young Memorial Lecture

   This is not yet finalised and we are waiting to hear from a possible speaker for mid March 2013.





        Progress has been made in agreeing a shared location in the school yard for storing community assets but we are awaiting building work.

       The “Welcome to Abernyte” leaflet has been updated and copies should be given to all new residents.

       The suggestion was made that the village phone box could be used as a Book Exchange . Agreed we should approach David Ramsay who is believed to be the owner.

      The President explained that 2013 will mark the 25th year of the Heritage and she would welcome suggestions of projects to mark this anniversary. The following suggestions were made-

·         A house by house history using overlays of the properties , ownership and interesting associations--- Ian Roberts

·         A possible craft based map or wall hanging--- Mhairi Hole

·         An article in the Courier

·         A Village Party

   The president asked that these be examined for feasibility and that she and the committee be advised.



           Barry Caudwell gave a presentation and outlined the progress in the past year. It was noted that Abernytes success in this was attracting interest from expert groups and that we had a fairly unique environment. Barry will draw up maintenance requirements and the work may be done in groups or by individual efforts.

  Particular thanks were given to Norman Alm for the remedial work on the dyke.  The possibility was mentioned of other dry stane work in the area, as well as new funding opportunities for environmental improvements.

  It was suggested that a dog mess bin be provided and that arrangements for the Council to uplift and empty the bin be investigated.



Malcolm McSwan  reported that the Braes of the Carse Conservation Group had recently held its AGM and was closely following planning issues. He recommended the BCCG web site and its presidents report for latest information.



   Stephen Hole reported that the collective Oil Purchase scheme was operating successfully with 20 members.



  Stephen also reported on the continuing popularity of the e-mail service.


Stephen was thanked by the meeting for his dedication to these two activities.



   There is continuing action  on the possible replacement or repair of the notice board.




 A list of the assets belonging to the community has been  established and will be placed on the web site. Residents are encouraged to borrow these assets and make full use of them and return them to the listed asset holder.


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and a Pot Luck supper followed