Off Canvas

10th January 2007.
25 Members in attendance

Apologies; Aileen & Gareth Penhale,Stephen Hole, Dennis &Jan Bethel, John & Hannie Kidde

Minutes of the 17th AGM;
 The meeting approved these. Proposed Barry Caudwell, seconded Rena Havranek.

Presidents Report
Anne Davies reviewed the year’s achievements and thanked the committee members and the community for their continuing support in what had been a busy and successful year. She explained the delay in holding the AGM and hoped that a return to November or December will be possible later this year. Wednesday 14th November 2007 is proposed.

Treasurers Report
 Margaret Carr reviewed the accounts and advised the meeting of a mis print in the copy presented. The situation with the Awards For All grant was explained  and the reasoning behind the repayment , it was planned to apply for a follow on grant to cover the printing costs later this year.
Hamish Carr raised an objection to the expenditure incurred in establishing the Community Company and requested that his objection be minuted.
The Report and accounts were approved by the meeting—proposed Barry Caudwell, seconded John Barton

Election of Office Bearers
All of the office bearers were available for re-election and as there were no other nominations they were re-elected. All members of the committee were also re-elected unanimously..


Millenium Glebe Walk.
  Malcolm McSwan reported that the annual maintenance session was well supported despite the poor weather and the informal BBQ was a success. A similar activity is planned for this Spring and some of the work on a picnic table site and further paths would be followed up . It was suggested that the top path could be extended to the west without much difficulty.
Field Names.
 This is an ongoing activity. Members are asked to pass on any names and memories to assist the compilation of the old field names in the area .
Oral History.
Mary Young advised the meeting that the research activities had gone very well and thanked the members who had given so much time. The writing phase was taking longer than planned partly due to Mary’s increasing workload at the university but she was planning to get to publishing later this year and was already in contact with interested parties
Web Site.
 Gordon Nicoll reported on the progress on the web site and the various additions and improvements made during the year .A table of “Hits” was presented and the meeting was interested in the geographical spread of enquiries. Gordon repeated his request for suggestions and was congratulated in the professionalism of the site.
Whats On .
 Stephen Hole continues to manage this very valuable local resource and was thanked in his absence for his dedication.
Scrap Book.
 Tony Pepper reported that he continues to compile and maintain the scrapbooks and that he welcomes any cuttings, programmes, photographs etc. The President encouraged all members of the community to continue to feed information to Tony.


The President led an open discussion covering the following:

Parish Walk.
 The annual walk is planned for Saturday 31st March 2007. The route is expected to include the Hill Fort at Balloglack , the Whirlies and Stockmuir. Full arrangements will be publicised in due course.
Winter Lecture
After some discussion the meeting encouraged the committee to continue with this event. Thursday 22nd March 2007 is proposed and a speaker from P&K Heritage Trust may be available to speak on the discovery of the Carpow longboat in the Tay. There were requests for Mary Young to speak on Pitmiddle , or a talk on the Churches in the area. These will be held in reserve
Annual BBQ.
It is planned to continue holding the BBQ at the start of the school term. The proposed date is - Friday 17th August 2007.
Carse of Gowrie Paths Project.
 John Barton and George Ward reported that the project had been taken up by the Carse of Gowrie Group , funding had been secured and an access officer appointed. The local authority had been very slow but specific progress can be expected this year
Trees and Hedgerows 
 Malcolm McSwan reported that not much progress had been made however it was noted that members had volunteered to survey the significant trees in the area and discussions with the local FWAG officer was planned.
Village Hall.
 Norman Alm reported on the funding and management difficulties encountered by other communities and it was agreed not to pursue this further.
The President advised new arrangements and costs for using school crockery etc. There is a supply of community crockery available and all Groups using the school are welcome to use them provided they are washed etc, and any breakages replaced.
     P&K now request 30 days notice for a school booking.

Other Business.
 Abernyte Community Company, Helen Richardson as Chairperson of the Company gave a brief report on the formation, progress and plans for the Company.
Funding is one of the priorities and if this is successful we should be able to move progressively to the planned position where the Heritage Group reverts to its origins and concentrates on Historical matters and the Company takes over the projects involving outside bodies and representing the Community.

The President closed the meeting by thanking  the members and guests for their attendance and support. A potluck supper followed with further discussion and examination of photographs and records