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Apologies; Margaret Carr, Rena Havranek, George & Estelle Ward, Peter Buttars, Nancy Rattray

Minutes of the 15th AGM;
 The meeting approved these. Proposed John Barton, seconded Mary Young.

Presidents Report
Anne Davies reviewed the year’s achievements and thanked the committee members and the community for their continuing support. Progress had been made on all fronts.

Treasurers Report
In the absence of Margaret Carr, Malcolm McSwan reviewed the financial statement, which had been made available to the meeting. The small surplus was satisfactory and the Report was approved. Proposed; Heather Berger, seconded, Norman Alm

Election of Office Bearers
All of the office bearers were available for re-election apart from Rena Havranek who wished to resign as Secretary due to other commitments. The President thanked her for her work, Mary Young proposed Malcolm McSwan as the new secretary, and John Barton seconded this. This was agreed by the meeting, the committee and office bearers were re-elected and no other nominations were made.

Millenium Glebe Walk.  Malcolm McSwan reported that he planned some additional and replacement planting together with maintenance of the paths, seats and plants. He will be looking for volunteers to assist and will approach the community once the new plants are available. There was a short discussion and the continuing use and enjoyment of the walk noted.
Field Names. Lee Kehrer has a map of the Rossie fields and Margaret Carr has a map of the wider area fields. Members are asked to pass on any names and memories to assist the compilation.
Oral History. Mary Young advised the meeting that she is planning to write the book by the end of 2005. She does however need assistance in aspects of research. Any volunteers who have a few hours spare to examine records in libraries and archives will be welcome. They will receive training and guidance from Mary who may hold workshops for this purpose. Community involvement will assist in funding which will mainly be required for publication costs. The president thanked Mary for her commitment to the project and advised the meeting that the Presentation based on the Oral History was in demand. Two external presentations had already been made and arrangements were in hand for Kinnaird Church on 18th March 2005 and the friends of P&K Archives in May 2005. The audiences are fascinated by the details and the quality of the presenters.
Web Site. Gordon Nicoll reported on the progress on the web site. It has been remade completely and now meets recognised design standards. There is new functionality and the potential for quicker updating. New and improved hosting agreements have been made. The meeting thanked Gordon and his son Alasdair for the excellent site they have developed, in particular Alasdair has expended much energy in ideas and coding and will continue to offer support as his studies allow. It was suggested to Gordon that a Village Diary could be a useful feature and he agreed to look into it. Gorgon also advised the meeting that his latest information was that Broadband would be enabled on the Inchture exchange on !7th November 2004.
Whats On . Stephen Hole reported on this very successful feature. The membership is now between 80-90 and usage is increasing. There are Spam problems and he is looking at different ISP, s to ensure the best service. The meeting thanked Stephen and it was generally agreed that Whats On had become an important communication tool within the community. The President pointed out that not all residents had access to the Internet and the committee would try to ensure that everybody received notices by other means.
Scrap Book. Tony Pepper reported that he continues to compile and maintain the scrapbooks and that he welcomes any cuttings, programmes, photographs etc. Mary Young suggested an invitation for contributions could be posted on Whats On.
Archives. It was suggested by Stephen Hole that a listing of the Archives held by the Group could be posted on the web site so that the community was made aware of what is available. He also drew attention to the Louis Flood photograph collection held by the AK Bell library.
Calendar. Norman Alm reported that this project was in abeyance, as it did not appear economic. He would continue however to collect appropriate photographs.

Parish Walk. The President reported that the Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments in Scotland had agreed to a talk and guiding the walk. Provisional dates were set for the talk on Thursday 17th February and the walk on Saturday 2nd April 2005. The proposed route starts at Wellbank, Dron Hill Fort, the ruined chapel at Dron, Redmyre and The Monks Road.
Annual BBQ. After general discussion the same format will continue and the date set for Friday 17th June 2005. Stephen Hole suggested the purchase of a low cost amplifier for use at the BBQ and other outdoor events. He agreed to provide the committee with costs.
Notice Board. This remains a useful communication resource and the President reminded users to keep it tidy.
Carse of Gowrie Paths Project. This is a project involving the COG Group and the local authority with the aim of establishing a path network in the Carse. John Barton reported on the meetings and consultations that had taken place to date. The position of AHG is that we maintain a watching brief on this project through John without giving active support. We await publication of the access code and guidelines based on the new CountrysideAct but we must represent all the members of AHG, walkers, farmers and landowners. Many of our local landowners have serious concerns on aspects of the new act.
Trees and Hedgerows   Malcolm McSwan led a discussion on the need to maintain and plant boundary trees and hedges. Nearly all the attractive trees in the area were over 50 years old and local farmers and landowners had done little planting by the roadsides. In part this was due to the drive for agricultural efficiency and unless some new planting was carried out the landscape will degenerate through time. Malcolm and Estelle Ward have been appointed local Tree Wardens available for advice on all tree problems. They act as the eyes and ears for the Tree Officers of P&K Council and they will examine what schemes are available to encourage planting and to make local landowners aware. The meeting agreed this was an appropriate project for the Heritage Group and encouraged Malcolm to take it further.

No other business was raised and the President thanked the approximately twenty residents for their attendance and support. A potluck supper followed with further discussion and examination of photographs and records