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Abernyte Heritage Group

 Abernyte Heritage Group was formed 25 years ago when residents perceived the pattern of rural life to be changing dramatically.  The aims of the group then were to gain knowledge and an understanding of those who have lived and worked within the parish in the past, and to provide for posterity record of the community’s life and times.  In the intervening years many and various events have been held and a significant number of projects brought to fruition.  Among these are a booklet that gives a snapshot of Abernyte as it was in 1988 and a tapestry that hangs in the church depicting aspects of the parish and its community. The Annual Barbecue in August provides an excellent opportunity for everyone in our community to meet together. In 1998 an oral history project recorded people who had lived in Abernyte during the period 1900-1950. These testimonies inspired members to collate  and research these memories and in 2008  Abernyte – the Quiet Revolution  was published.

For the Millennium the Group created a beautiful walk and sitting area on the hillside overlooking the Church. millennium walkthis is now administered jointly by The Heritage Group with Abernyte Community Company

The Heritage Group is keen to add to the knowledge of Parish life of the past and to record present day events, cutoms and changes, thus ensuring that an archive is available for future generations. Three main events are organised throughout the year: the Parish Walk, a lecture of local interest and a Summer Barbeque at the end of August. Membership is free and open to all.

On 19th November 2015 Abernyte Heritage Group and Abernyte Community Company merged to form Abernyte Community Interest  Company who have taken forward the task of representing Abernyte

If you are researching your family tree, you will find a number of helpful documents on this site. The Valuation Rolls of 1875, 1895 and 1925 are available as are the records of the headstones and the inscriptions on the headstones in Abernyte Church graveyard. You will also find the 1881 Census records. Please use the search facility to help you find the documents.

ABERNYTE –The Quiet Revolution


‘It was pouring with rain and we went in an open lorry.  …  We had the dead pig in the barrel and a new baby pig in a poke.’

With these words Mary Myles recalled one of the many ‘flittings’ of her family, between farms, at the Martinmas ‘term’ in the years before World War II.  They encapsulate the resilience and positive spirit of the people of Abernyte as Scotland changed from a rural-based to an urban, industrial, society. 

To listen to Mary Myles recall her life and to see a transcript, please click here

All aspects of life – from work, to leisure, to school and church are covered in this fascinating, and eminently readable history.  The experiences of this small rural community are captured and explored in an entertaining, informative and thought-provoking manner as the reader is steered effortlessly from the nineteenth century through to 1950.  Testimonies from those who lived and worked in Abernyte, extensive research and a multitude of contemporary photographs, combine to reveal the challenges and the profound changes that transformed rural society in Lowland Scotland during this period.  It is not just a record of what life was like for our predecessors, it is of huge significance to us today and will provide a wealth of information for future generations.  Abernyte nestles quietly among the Braes of the Carse in east Perthshire, but generates a sense of place and character much larger than the small parish which bears its name.

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Books may be purchased direct from:
Yve Duncan,
Treasurer, Abernyte Heritage Group,
The Bield, ABERNYTE, Perthshire, PH14 9ST.

To purchase by post please apply together with a cheque for (£12.00 plus £3.50 p&p):  £15.50
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