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AGM Report – 23 November 2010
Welcome to all members of Abernyte Community Company now in its fifth year.
Meetings, business and thanks
The ACC Directors have had 4 meetings this year and I must pay special thanks to all of them for their hospitality when we hold the meetings in each other’s houses and for giving their time so freely.
Malcolm as Company Secretary ensures we comply with all the necessary submissions to maintain our company status and Mark ensure our accounts are all kept in order.
There have been some legislative changes that release some of the formalities around Community Companies such as not requiring an AGM, auditor or company secretary. However, as company representative of the community, I can confirm that we are not considering how ACC conducts business – we shall continue as per our founding memorandum and articles, albeit in a less rigid manner!
Tree Project
We have continued to keep the tree-planting project on the boil and have been in discussions with a number of parties with nothing firmed up as yet.
One of the ideas that were mooted, in light of the number of wood burning stoves in the community, was whether or not there might be an interest in establishing some kind of community wood supply. In order to take this forward we need to know if there would be any interest in the local community and we plan to put a survey on the website as a first step.
Asset Register
We are also in the process of compiling a joint asset register with AHG to place the record of all documents and items held. It is likely that a form of this will appear on the website so members can have access to any items they are interested in.
Local Development Plan
The Local Development Plan is now at Main Issues Report stage and is out for consultation until the beginning of the New Year.
As previously agreed, ACC maintain a watching brief on this with the Braes of Carse Conservation Group being the main body locally for coordinating representations.
I am pleased to announce that our application for funding was successful and we are in receipt of funds that will allow ACC to continue with the website, pay the insurance and conduct general company business over the forthcoming year. Mark, our Treasurer shall give a full account of how we have expended funds in his report.
Gordon has been dong sterling work on the website and I now invite him to give the report.
Glebe Millennium Walk
The maintenance of the Glebe Millennium Walk continues to be done with the annual maintenance party and others taking time to repair walls and ensure good general management of the walk.
Barry shall be giving us a report later in this joint meeting.
Questions/Comments invited