Wednesday, August 21, 2019

keys to the communityAbernyte is fortunate in maintaining a cohesive and vibrant rural community, even when the pressures of the modern world make this difficult.

Our Mission:  is to serve the interests and enhance the well-being of all our members and the community of Abernyte

Our Vision:  is to advance education and promote the care of the environment and facilities for recreation and leisure for the benefit of the community of Abernyte.

Abernyte Community Interest Company was formed to represent the community of Abernyte to external bodies in ways which were not met by existing organisations.

ACiC will act as a voice for its members and for the community, it is non profit making and its primary objects are to promote, for the benefit of the community, facilities for recreation and leisure, advance education, and to represent the interests of its members and the community of Abernyte.

You can register as a member of the Community Interest Company here.