Following a suggestion at the 2020 AGM of the Abernyte Community Interest Company that we look at establishing a long term project to enhance and improve the habitat for all manner of wildlife in Abernyte a small group has convened and started the discussion on what habitats, what improvements or enhancements, and how we can affect change.  Some of the suggestions include establishing some form of wildlife corridors to link the existing species rich areas. Part of that process is developing a map of the area to understand where areas of different landtype are co-located and eventually give us a baseline record of what we are starting with.

This is a complex effort to display and will change and evolve as it develops.  You can view our early attempts at baseline mapping here. It is a work in progress and subject to radical change!

Red dots are cultivated land

Green dots are permanent grazed grassland

Yellow dots are rough unmanaged and managed grassland

Blue dots are wildflower grassland or meadows

Further and more specific information will be added to this project as it develops, as will the opportunity to comment and take part in activities.