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Sings of Spring 2018

05 Mar 2018 11:52 #927 by Gordon
Gordon created the topic: Sings of Spring 2018
If you look very closely at this photo - eagle eyes required - you will see yellow staining on the snow around the foot of this alder tree. It is pollen!
spring is upon us!

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11 Mar 2018 13:46 #928 by Cathy C
Cathy C replied the topic: Sings of Spring 2018
Hi Gordon

I'm glad you started this topic with a pollen sighting as we now have another more lively sign of Spring:-

Tricia and Emily were collided with by what appeared to be a rapidly moving bumblebee on Thursday 8th March at Plum Cottage. They so astonished, having just emerged from an igloo that Ron had built in the garden (as you do!) that they were not absolutely sure if that is what it was. However we think they were right, because on the next day, Friday 9th, Barry and I were out in the garden when we also sighted a bee, this one a Honeybee visiiting Snowdrop flowers. It hung around quite a long time and it has to be said it felt really warm there in the sun. The thermometer said we had a maximum of 6.5 degrees C so not that warm in the shade though.


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