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Bird Sightings 2018

08 Feb 2018 20:28 #921 by Barry C
Barry C created the topic: Bird Sightings 2018
Some people have all the luck. I had a phone call today from Ian about a bird that had been in his garden. Not just briefly either it spent a long time, allowing Ian a good opportunity to observe it. He had noticed that the normal level of bird activity in the garden was absent, and for a very good reason. The visitor was a Peregrine falcon. Now I am not normally envious of the birds other people see, but there can be limits!


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21 Feb 2018 18:18 #925 by Gordon
Gordon replied the topic: Bird Sightings 2018
I pondered long over identifying this one! A small group, about 5, of right bruisers of finches which spent time beside a table with seed both loose and in a feeder. Brambling was the other candidate but not enough black or pink about the breast so I am going with Hawfinches.
They left me heading into the garden at the Farm House.

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