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Wild life spotting in Florida

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26 Apr 2015 19:02 - 26 Apr 2015 19:08 #755 by Gordon
Wild life spotting in Florida was created by Gordon
As I am just back from Florida and noticing that spring arrived when we were away I thought I might tempt you will the view from Alasdair's home in Florida. He is lucky enough to live next to a very large open area beside the Florida National Guard Armoury which has a big water retention pond to catch the rain run off when the storms hit, which attracts wildlife. They measure rain in Florida by the weight of water per cubic metre. We had one short sharp big one - 40 kilos/cubic metre. That is heavy rain, but it only lasted an hour!
In his garden there is a nest of Mockingbirds

which fledged four young in the three weeks we were there. It was touch and go with the close attentions of a Southern Black Racer snake looking for dinner,

which got hell from the adult birds when ever it go too close. At about 3 feet long it was enough to keep me well away. Another visitor was the Red Cardinal, whose song is superb and filled the garden.

His garden was often visited by groups of Ibis which comb the lawn like blackies here.

Over at the pond a frequent fisher was the large and noble Wood Stork which fished with it's wings over it's head to block the sun and make it easier to spear them.

A frequent over flier was the Swallow Tailed Kite but we never saw it feed.

Only fleeting glimpses in the garden were ever afforded of the Blue Jay who refused to sit still to be watched!

There were many others but it is so frustrating to try identify the local fauna and look out for it as well and I must have missed so much.
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