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What can we learn about the birds in Abernyte

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02 Mar 2012 17:03 #470 by Barry C
After several years of ringing birds in Abernyte some bird facts are becoming clear. We are used to some birds like the swallow, travelling long distances, but some other birds that we have ringed here have also travelled a substantial distances. A Siskin that was ringed in March last year was found at Moy, Inverness, in Highland a distance of 114 km (as the Siskin flies), 105 days later. A Goldfinch that we caught had been ringed at Hillfoot on the other side of the Sidlaws, 24 days before and had flown a distance of 5Km. Many of the other birds that we have seen twice are Blue tits and Great tits. Some of these birds have come from nest boxes on the Glebe. This is normal behaviour for these tits; most never move more than a few Km form the nest site where they hatch.
Two birds that we saw yesterday gave us some interesting survival data. A Blue tit which we had ringed in spring last year and was a bird that had hatched in 2010, so it is in its third year, and that is a typical age for a blue tit. The Blue tit record is however 9 years 9 months 2 days, so our Abernyte bird has still a long way to go to break the record! The other bird was a Chaffinch that we had ringed in spring 2010. It was then already at least in its second year then, so it is now at least 4 years old. The age record for a Chaffinch is 11 years 7 months 21 days, with the average 3years, so our bird is a good age but not yet a record breaker.


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