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Disease in wild birds

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16 Feb 2012 22:56 #466 by Barry C
Disease in wild birds was created by Barry C
Disease in wild birds
In 2005 a few birds (Greenfinch and Chaffinch) were found dead in the village. Some of these where sent off for Laboratory examination at SAC Auchincruive. The cause of death was identified as bacterial infection. Until this month I have not see more than the odd one dead bird. But so far this month I have found 6 dead birds already. Only one was in a fresh condition, and good enough to send over to SAC for examination. This time it was a Greenfinch, and the cause of death was very different from the previous cases. This bird had died not from a bacterial infection, but a protozoan parasite called Trichomonas. This is a parasite of birds in the digestive and respiratory tracts and is spread by contact with saliva, as at feeding or drinking stations. It is not restricted to finches, as hawks, pigeons and doves are also susceptible. It was first diagnosed in the wild bird population of southwest Scotland in 2005 by SAC Auchincruive. You can read more information about Trichomonas and what you can do to reduce the spread of it by clicking here .


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