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12 Feb 2012 15:40 - 12 Feb 2012 19:39 #465 by Cathy C
School Bird Watch was created by Cathy C
Three teams from Abernyte School have taken part in the RSPB annual birdwatch on 27th January - results are as below:-

As a school we took part in the Big Schools Birdwatch Day on 27th January. This was our 6th year of participating in the event and we always have great fun going out in our Eco Gardening groups for around 20 minutes at a time. We spot the birds in our school garden, identify them and then collate and display our information.

RSPB ask us to spot the maximum number of birds of the same species that we see in the garden at any one time - NOT the total number of birds that we have spotted. (ie we can only count 1 Robin if we see him/her and we can't count it again if it comes back into the garden."

Rainbow Roses Group Apples & Strawberries Group Gardening Gnomes Group
Blackbird 3 Blackbird 1 Blackbird 1
Blue tit 3 Blue tit 2 Blue tit 3
Chaffinch 4 Chaffinch 6 Chaffinch 1
Greenfinch 1 Greenfinch 0 Greenfinch 1
House sparrow 4 House sparrow 8 House sparrow 6
Jackdaw 5 Jackdaw 9 Jackdaw 2
Robin 1 Robin 1 Robin 1
Woodpigeon 2 Woodpigeon 2 Woodpigeon 4

Combined Group Results
Blackbird 3 )
Blue tit 3 )
Chaffinch 6 )
Greenfinch 1 ) These results show the most birds of
House sparrow 8 ) each type that we saw at any one time
Jackdaw 9 )
Robin 1 )
Woodpigeon 2 )

Hope this is of interest.

Arlene Legge

Classroom Assistant

Abernyte Primary School
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