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Winter bird sightings

  • Hamish Carr
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04 Dec 2010 11:12 - 04 Dec 2010 11:14 #379 by Hamish Carr
Winter bird sightings was created by Hamish Carr
Hi All

Some less usual garden birds have been taking advangtate of garden feeding stations in our snowy conditions. Sue up at Kirkton has been seeing yellow hammers feeding on the ground beneath her feeders. These looked beautifully yellow in the snow. Denise down the road was surprised by 3 red-legged partridge coming to feed in her garden. Mistle thrushes, blackbirds and the odd few fieldfares have been feasting on apples and berries around the village.

Siskins have also been around the feeders with Andrew and Linda at North Lodge.

We've had much larger numbers than usual of coal tits, great & blue tits, and chaffinches in the garden but despite scouring the flocks of chaffinches for bramblings (which look like them but are more chestnut coloured) I've not yet seen any. There was a flock of 6 long-tailed tits up the road beyong Southfiedl when I walked up there yesterday afternoon (3/12/2010) Keep your eyes peeled for migrants like bramblings, fieldfares & redwing which are likely to be around.

Cathy (week 29/11/2010)
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  • Harvey Carruthers
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05 Dec 2010 17:00 #381 by Harvey Carruthers
Replied by Harvey Carruthers on topic Re:Winter bird sightings
I have just this afternoon (Sunday Dec 5th) seen a flock of ca.13 long-tailed tits. As so often they where chattering away to themselves, while feeding on three of our peanut feeders. Keep a watch out for these!


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  • Barry C
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08 Feb 2013 18:10 #548 by Barry C
Replied by Barry C on topic Winter bird sightings
January was a good month for bird sightings coming in. We had several Bramblings in the garden, and large numbers of Blue, Coal and Great tits feeding on the bird feeders. Despite the large numbers of Waxwings that came over to the UK we did not have any visit us, but a flock had been seen in Kinnaird. Did you see any?
Also from Kinnaird I had a report of Long-tailed tits visiting a garden, as well as 16 Wrens using a House martin nest as a communal roost site, very impressive!
One trip home that I have been told about was more interesting than normal; two separate Barn owls had been seen, as well as a Long-eared owl. I wish I had been on that trip!
Many of the resident bird have started singing to attract a mate; some birds are already going around in pairs, so they think that spring is just around the corner. In fact on the BTO web site today is the news that

A pair of Tawny owls that use a nest box monitored by a web camera, have laid their first egg. You can see the nest on the BTO web site at:


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