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Tawny Owl

  • Gordon
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01 Jan 2010 13:45 - 01 Jan 2010 13:49 #271 by Gordon
Tawny Owl was created by Gordon
Visitors are always welcome on Hogmany. Some visitors are more welcome than others especially when they are clearly uninvited.

While Graeme and Liz were preparing for Hogmany they discovered a rather annoyed tawny owl had made its way down the sitting room chimney and was preventing Graeme getting to the drinks cabinet! Clearly a wildlife emergency, the offending owl was safely retrieved from the sitting room and returned unharmed to the much chillier but safer, great outdoors.

Relief all round!

Happy New Year!
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  • Hamish Carr
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04 Jan 2010 15:03 #274 by Hamish Carr
Replied by Hamish Carr on topic Re:Tawny Owl
I think Graeme and Liz's tawny owl was looking for a dram from the drinks cabinet. Hope you sent him off with a hip flask.

Diane Rettie has been hearing Tawny Owls hooting around in their area. We hear them in Abernyte most nights and also over towards Rossie.


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