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Gold Finches

  • Gordon
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21 Dec 2009 11:12 #269 by Gordon
Gold Finches was created by Gordon
Gold Finches by the shed load on the niger seed feeders just now. I can hardly keep them in seed!

I have counted as many as 12 to 14 pairs at one time. Is everyone seeing that many? Is it because it is so cold?

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  • Hamish Carr
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04 Jan 2010 14:54 - 04 Jan 2010 14:57 #273 by Hamish Carr
Replied by Hamish Carr on topic Re:Gold Finches
Have spent a couple of days holed up in front of the fire. However made the occasional foray outside to get wood, top up the bird feeders and crunch around in the snow.

Yes we are getting through a prodigious amount of bird food. There is a flock of goldfinches which feed on both the peanut feeder and the niger (their favourite). Some of them have been landing on the (snow covered) road in front of the house, where they spend some time pecking on the ground. We cannot imagine what they're finding there to feed on at the moment. Possibly some fallen seed from your larch tree, unless they're picking up grit from the road. We also have tree sparrows on the feeders. Siskins have come out of the woodwork (or more likely the woods) and are hitting the niger as well.

When I went for a walk up behind the hedge (30 or 31/12/09) a woodcock went up. It was unmistakeable with it's long beak and speckled brown plumage. Whenever we've seen them in the garden it's been under snowy conditions like these. Also plenty of fieldfares around between Abernyte and Kinnaird.

Watch out for bramblings! They look like chaffinches but different. It's usually when the weather's really hard that they turn up under the bird feeders. Haven't seen any but they're likely to be about.

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  • Gordon
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11 Jan 2010 09:40 #281 by Gordon
Replied by Gordon on topic Re:Gold Finches
I am beginning to fear the worst. Despite feeding vast quantities of seed and food of all descriptions, the numbers of wee birds at the feeders have been dropping steadily over the past week or so.

I hope they have found better scran elsewhere but I suspect that large numbers may not have survived the last blast of cold weather. :(

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  • Stuart Gordon
15 Jan 2010 17:27 #283 by Stuart Gordon
Replied by Stuart Gordon on topic Re:Gold Finches
We've had few visit over the winter but never more than 2 pairs at any one time. There is still the odd pair visiting the feeders.


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