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So, who is living in your nesting box?

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04 Dec 2013 23:51 #621 by Barry C
Replied by Barry C on topic So, who is living in your nesting box?
The BTO have just published their preliminary results for breeding success based on this year’s Nest Recording Scheme. These results are national ones, later when the BTO publish the annual Bird Trends Report it will include a regional analysis. You can see the preliminary results at:

So how do our local results compare with the BTO results?`

The table compares the first egg date for four species:

Our resultsBTO
Days later than in 2012Days later than average for the previous five years (2008-12)
Blue Tit512.3
Great Tit17.812.7
Tree Sparrow13.7+0.8

The BTO results are for the whole of the UK and are compared to the average for the previous five years (2008-12). When the Bird Trends Report is produced, I will distribute another comparison this time with the results for Scotland.

The second comparison we can do is to compare our number of birds fledged, with the BTO results (again, the BTO records are compared to the five year average). For Blue Tit, Great Tit, Swallow and Tree Sparrow, the national figures all showed a reduction in number of fledglings. Our results on the other hand showed in excess of 100% improvement over last year.

These comparisons need to be treated with caution, because our results are only being compared with last year (2012), and that was a dreadful year! In future years, as we collect more annual records, we will be able to perform a more valid comparison.

Barry C

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