Monday, October 22, 2018

Abernyte School signs of spring survey in the school grounds on 22nd February 2012


School Garden

Playing Field

Quiet Corner

Surrounding Fields

·         Bulbs are coming through in the borders

·         Lots of snow drops and Conicera are growing in little groups

·         You can see and hear lots of birds – especially blackbirds and House Sparrows

·         It is a bit warmer but very windy

·         The trees are moving about a lot in the wind

·         The buds are starting to come back  on the trees

·         The bushes need the dead bits trimmed off of them

·         The wind chimes are making a nice sound in the wind

·         The playground is not slippy any more

·         The Willow Dome looks dead but it does have green shoots growing

·         There are lots of Jackdaws sitting on the trees

·         Daisies are started to show on the grass

·         The sky is grey and cloudy and the clouds are moving very fast in the wind

·         The Cherry Blossom tree is starting to show buds on it

·         You can really feel the wind on your face, it is blowing across the fields

·         There is a lot of dead grasses around the side of the field

·         The grass is softer under you feet


·         Our raspberry plants need to be trimmed back – they do have some new growth on them

·         We can hear lots of birds singing

·         There is green algae growing on the wooden sleepers that our raised border is made from

·         Pansies and Primroses are starting to grow again

·         There are Daffodil bulbs shooting up out of our flower tubs – they are even growing in our old tattie tubs.

·         The Wild Garlic plant is growing well

·         It feels quite warm sitting at our picnic bench because the corner is sheltered  


·         We can see lots of sheep in the fields around the school

·         We can smell the fresh dung pile

·         The field opposite the school has been ploughed ready for crops

·         Lots of the fields are starting to look greener

·         The air feels nice and fresh

·         There are lots of dead leaves blowing into the corners of our playground