Off Canvas


  • n. A bush, especially of ivy; a thick mass of growing foliage.
  • n. An old weight, used chiefly for wool and varying in amount locally. It was commonly equal to 28 pounds.
  • v. To yield a tod in weight; weigh or produce a tod.
  • n. A fox.
  • n. A drink; toddy.
  • This word may come from the East Frisian 'todde,' bundle, or the dialectal Swedish 'todd,' mass (of wool).
  • An example taken from an old edition of the Sporting Magazine,
  • "A Battue in Scotland, simply so termed and considered, differs but little generally from a similar turn-out in England; and as I have the extreme bad taste, perhaps, to look upon such meetings to be anything but true sport, to say nothing of the danger attending them, I should not have considered one worth my trouble to have joined in, or the thing itself of sufficient interest to claim a place in your Annals, had I not been informed that it was to be diversified by the attendance of the Tod or Fox-hunter, and where the pursuit, or rather the destruction, of sly reynard was to form the principal feature."