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How does AHOC work and what are the benefits of being a member?

• AHOC is a group of like-minded people in and around Abernyte who buy their heating oil as a group.

• Depending on member demand, we usually have three big group fills a season: one in autumn (October/early November), another early in the New Year (January) and then one in the spring (March). These big fills normally satisfy 90% of member requirements. The big fills currently achieve an 8 pence per/litre discount between October and March and 6 pence per/litre between April and September. This discount is on the standard 3 day online delivery price quoted by the supplier for 1,000 litres, on the day we place our order for the group. There is normally no extra charge for deliveries between 500 and 999 litres nor for households with limited access that require a 4 wheeled tanker.
• Members that require more frequent fills have an opportunity between the main fills, but these deliveries may be at a reduced discount – typically 4 pence per/litre, depending on the size of group order at the time.
• The group fills help to reduce road tanker miles, which is obviously good for the environment.

• The AHOC buying group achieves these discounts for its members by providing a heating oil supplier with large orders as well as lower distribution and administration costs. We contract with a supplier for a season, October to September. Currently Johnson Oils have our business but this is reviewed annually.

• If you live near Abernyte, Knapp, Littleton, Kinnaird, Ballindean or Lochton and are interested in joining us, just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details or telephone 01828 686 350 and we will get back to you.
• AHOC was formed in 2010 and currently has over 40 members and buys over 100,000 litres of heating oil each year. There are currently no charges for membership and you pay the oil supplier directly at the published group price; we only ask for your loyalty for 1 year at a time and a quick response when a group fill is prompted.

If you wish to join our buying group, please contact the AHOC coordinator:

Stephen Hole
Smithy Cottage
01828 686 350
07540 502 434
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.